Order a Sculpture

Sculpted Portraits From Photos

  • You contact me by email or telephone to indicate the sculpture you want to obtain, and to fix the price of the work. Later, you confirm your intention to obtain the sculpture and you give me your contact information.
  • For a work to be produced from photographs, you forward by e-mail or by post one or more photographs of the face. These photographs would preferably be taken with a digital camera to facilitate sending them and my using them on a computer. However, I could use standard, recent or old photographs. It’s preferable that the subject is not wearing glasses unless he or she wishes to be portrayed with glasses. If you live within 200 kilometres from Montreal, I would prefer to take the photographs myself.
  • I then produce the sculpture in clay. Then I send you by e-mail photos of the sculpture. I offer you the possibility of helping with progress on the work and of informing me about corrections to insure your entire satisfaction. If you approve the work, you notice me by e-mail. In addition, you forward the full price of the sculpture. If you don’t approve the work in clay, you so inform me and the purchase arrangement is terminated.
  • After receipt of full payment, it will take 10 to 12 weeks for completing the work and delivery.


  • Underneath all busts are anchoring brackets for bolting them to a base of your choice. Particular busts have integrated bases sculpted as part of the subject. I can provide marble or granite bases if you so desire.

Example with integrated base


  • From Photos
    I must have one photograph taken from the angle desired in the sculpture. However, other photographs taken from other angles would assist in my conception of the subject in relief.

  • A Bas-Relief for suspending on a wall is provided with a rear-mounted hook, one for attaching to a monument is provided with 2 rear-mounted rods.