I was born in 1947. My artist mother displayed a keen sense of observation in the conception of her paintings, mainly Canadian landscapes.

My career as a specialist-educator in a psychiatric milieu allowed me to sharpen my sense of observation of the behaviours, the attitudes, the nature of the emotions of patients, and their relatives and colleagues that I encountered, and with whom I shared rich moments of life. This situation allowed me to be an animator in design, pottery and wood-carving workshops.

In parallel, I worked in watercolours, stained glass, woodworking and carving.

More recently I have benefited from courses in sculpture with live models and specialization in production of busts at the Saidye Bronfman Art Center in Montreal, with Jean-Louis Emond and France Sevillano, art professors.

I display works in the annual exhibition Rencontre des Arts which brings together more than 150 artists, both sculptors and painters, in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu where I have the opportunity to produce busts in public.

I have specially refined my techniques in the production of Bas-Reliefs and Busts, in order to offer a product of high quality, fidelity, and intimacy emphasizing the spirit of each subject.

Jean-Pierre Busque Vidéo Promo from Jean-Pierre Busque on Vimeo.